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We founded Cola Trans Ltd. in 1995 with the aim to utilize our forklift sales and maintenance experience in order to provide specialized logistical outsourcing solutions for companies that rely on storage, material handling and order picking processes.

Material handling with forklift trucks and order picking
Outsourcing the storage, material handling and order picking activities is one of the most efficient solutions for optimizing the internal logistical tasks of different companies. It is comfortable and cost efficient, because our company provides the material handling and warehouse machines together with their drivers and maintenance crew, for the contractor party. In this way the partners can focus hundred percent on their basic tasks. Our employees have outstanding experience in the field of order picking, material handling with forklift trucks and other warehouse service areas.
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Letting out forklift trucks, forklift rental
In accordance with the increase of market demands and the size of our forklift fleet, our company decided to launch the forklift rental service, thus we can attend partners, who want to solve their internal material handling tasks with their own personal but with rented trucks, because they do not want to pay the purchasing price, and they want to plan the cost of operation in advance. Our forklift rental quotations include the following forms: forklift rental, forklift rental based on working hours or monthly fee, forklift rental in full-service form and rental for short and long term.
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