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We recommend our rental service for clients, who have smaller material handling tasks and so, the maintenance of a large fleet is not necessary. New and used forklift trucks and industrial cleaning machines are also available for rental.
In case of the rental contract we always focus on flexibility. We try to assure our clients the most optimal solution; during the contracting process we offer the following options:

  • The cost of the forklift truck's maintenance can be included into the rental fee. The significance of this option is that the costs of the contractor company can be calculated months or even years ahead. The service network of our partner company, Nagoya Ltd., ensures that service and maintenance of the machines happen always on time and in a professional way.
  • If the client requires so, they can purchase the rented forklift trucks after the contract expires or even during the contract period, at a mutual agreed price.
  • The basis of the rental fee is usually the duration of the rental, but there is the possibility to settle the fee according to the working hours.

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